"Enhancing contribution and efficiency of women's entrepreneurship CSOs related to the EU integration reforms in the area of economic policy" WE-Contribute

Enhancing contribution and efficiency of women's entrepreneurship CSOs related to the EU integration reforms in the area of economic policy WE-Contribute

Women entrepreneurs
For Lady
+389 75 205 997
St. Dame Gruev no. 5, 1000 Skopje

For Lady is a company that started operating in Skopje in 1995 with the main business of producing female and children’s tights for sale and export of larger and smaller quantities in and out of Macedonia. For Lady has grown into a brand that recognizes over 50 active products with their colour and number variations. Over the years, innovation, experience, investing in equipment, advancing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes have helped to develop more brands and product models that underpin every woman’s everyday look. The aim is production and distribution of a wide range of Macedonian products, recognizable by the original and unique model of craftsmanship that will be the right choice for every modern girl and woman.

Orto Denta Es
+389 78 425327
St. Anton Popov no. 31, 1000 Skopje

Orto Denta Es is a wholesaler and educational center with official representation for the products of “ORMCO” “Stylage” and “Inno Aesthetic” in the Republic of Macedonia, established in 2012. In addition to the sale of top materials for dental practice and facial aesthetics, in the ortho dentistry, the educational center organizes courses in orthodontics, oral surgery and implantology, and with the help of our partners we organize courses for the application of hyaluronic fillers and botulinum toxin (Botox) .

Jovana Filipovic
+ 389 71 340171
st. Vasil Glavinov 14/1-12 Skopje, 1000 Macedonia

Jovana Filipovic is fashion designer and fashion illustrator from Macedonia. She started her brand “Jovana Filipovic”  in 2010 when she graduated from Accademia Italiana, and within the past several years she has already established herself as innovative and authentic designer. She stood out from the emerging fashion designers in Macedonia, receiving acclaim not only for her designs, but also for her boisterous talent and innovative method of work. Guided by the rule less is more, Jovana Filipovic tend to portray and emphasize the beauty of simplicity and pureness. Using high quality, natural fabrics, she always insists in creating comfortable and fashionably-designed clothes that are clean, minimalistic.

Virtus Beauty Studio
+ 389 78 436858
str. Dzumajska 14a Skopje

Virtus Beauty Studio is a beauty salon in Skopje. Employees in the studio have more than 7 years of experience in their work. Salon offers various services such as depilation, massages, face treatments, body treatments, hair treatments, hand and foot treatments (manicure, pedicure, natural nail gel, types, nail gels, lacquering, massage on feet and the like). The salon is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The salon is managed by a professional team in the field of cosmetic services. Full dedication and professionalism in which beauty gets a new dimension.

+389 2 2780300
Str. 2 No.153 Vizbegovo, 1000 Skopje

Annex is a company for distribution of consumer goods. Their partners are international and domestic companies that we have proven to be a quality contributor. By following the modern trends in the trade and trade of consumer goods, they are oriented on the principle of active on-site commercialization and fast transport of products to the buyer. With a total of 38 employees, they cover the entire territory of the Republic of Macedonia. Chains, hypermarkets, supermarkets, smaller stores, retailers, pharmacies are the most important channels for selling our products and this is our focus.

Consulting Inter Group
+ 389 23115-858

Our company has solidified the quality of its services by means of cooperation with numerous external collaborators and consultants in multiple areas, as well as apprises, financial managers, a team of lawyers, who support the company in all its projects by sharing their expertise. Thus composed, the team contributes towards complete fulfillment of each and every of our clients’ needs: legal and consulting services in commercial law, administrative law, intellectual property law, banking law, legal and economic due diligence, counseling concerning tenders, business plans, marketing plans, mediation between clients and institutions, as well as any other need that might arise in the course of the functioning and development of a company.